Getting the Skinny on Getting In Shape

by tbtools on December 18, 2014

You know that I’ve published several articles here on the blog about getting in shape and staying on top of my fitness.

The fact is I’ve lost 2″ inches in my waist in the last month and I’ve done it solely from my diet – No excercise!

The plan I’ve followed has been from the Four Hour Body¬†and eating in 8 hour shifts, while cutting out sugar and carbs.

One thing I’m wanting to implement is more blending with occasionally juicing.

I’ve been following a website for the top two blenders and I honestly have no clue which blender to go with.

See – there’s 2 blenders when you’re looking at getting the higher end for blenders.

I’m ready to buy but can someone please shed some light on this battle of the blenders.

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